It’s Friday In My Head
It’s Friday In My Head

It’s Friday In My Head

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This is one of those painting that comes along once in a blue moon.  
A stunning painting by Majella O’Neill Collins. Fair to say it speak for itself. A picture of life in West Cork. 
Oil on Canvas. 120 x 120 cm so it’s big (4ft square)

Majella was born and reared in West Cork. She lives and breathes it.

A colourful sweetheart with a heart of gold. She shot to fame when George Clooney bought one of her paintings for his collection. But she was famous and loved around here long before that.

She is a devoted wife and mother of two great young adults. She wears her heart on her sleeve but lucky for us she also wears it on her paintings as well.  She uses colour like no one else, to show people the beauty of the West Cork and the Islands but especially of her beloved home, Sherkin Island, where she lives on the top of her own little beach. From here she can watch the tides, ferries and in general life go by and catches those moment like no one else, with layer after layer of beautiful rich paint. She has to live with her paintings before she is ever happy to let them find their forever homes.